How to apply iron-on patches


  • Place the embroidery patch in the position you want on your garment.
  • Preheat the flatiron on high settings without water or stream and set the appropriate settings for the type of garment you are using
  • Remove the wax paper on the back of the patch
  • Cover patch with a pillowcase or a piece of paper to protect patch from scorching and damage from the flatiron
  • Iron the surface of patch 15-30 seconds then iron the another side of the patch for 30-60 seconds to make sure all the adhesive has melted
  • Let the patch cool and check to see if patch has been bound to the garment
  • If the patch seems a little bit loose or it is not holding tight against the garment, iron the surface of patch for another 1-2 minutes, taking extra care around the edge and corners. This step is to make the patch and clothes adhered smoothly